Various minor bug fixes

I just pushed a bunch of small bug fixes:


- Girl Scout troops can now record outside service hours

- I corrected some wording about PayPal support "coming soon" (we've had it for years...)

- You can add a title and a description to photos in the photo album, and now you can actually see them in the list view of a photo album

- Fixed the total column of the money book to be accurate - there were cases where it was over-counting certain transactions

- We were showing a balance due on the event "all payments" page for people who paid with a money account that was equal to the credit card fees that would have been incurred if they used a card. This balance due has been removed.

- Deactivated users can no longer log into their inactive troop account

- If you add a user as an adult and then change them to a scout, their ranks now initialize properly (BSA only)

- Fixed a bug that was causing the fundraiser feature to crash in certain situations

- The inbound email processor was crashing for certain types of spam that did not have a sender. We have fixed it to avoid crashing.

- Fixed a bug that was preventing you from recording miles in outside participation.


Phew! Sleep tight!


~ Dave