Ruby on Rails Upgrade

Good morning! Happy Friday!


Back in the early fall we attempted a major upgrade of Ruby on Rails, the application framework that we use to build TroopTrack. We are currently on version 4.2, but the latest stable version is now 5.0. That upgrade didn't go well and we had to back it out. We decided to wait until the super busy season (August - early November) was over before we tried it again.


This morning we are trying it again. We've spent a lot of time fixing the problems we saw back in September, and I hope it will go much better this time.


That said... this is a big deal and there is a big possibility we will see some problems throughout the day. We will resolve them as quickly as possible, so please bear with us today.


This upgrade is really important since it is delaying a lot of improvements we want to make to TroopTrack, like this one:


Have a great day and a better weekend!


~ Dave